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Root Boost

Extreme Texture & Lift
Our best seller.  This popular foam to lotion spray is easy to control and direct where you want to place it.  Mist into root for extreme lift, support, dimension, and volume.
Directions for use:
Use on towel dried hair.  Shake will and holding 2 – 3 inches from hair, mist into root area.  Comb through to ends for texture and volume.


Thickening & Texturizing Creme
Transform ordinary hair into luxuriously thick, tousled, sensual-looking hair.  Expansion gives your hair a lived-in natural appearance with unbelievable thickness, incredible definition, and attitude.  Cocktail with Root Boost for even bigger lift & volume!
Directions for use:
Pump a small amount into hand.  Rub palms together, then distribute evenly through towel dried hair.  Use for curly looks to prevent frizz and promote curls; for straighter looks, to add thickness and body.

Satin Drops

An Organic Smoothing Serum
Satin Drops transforms and redefines any texture hair.  Loaded with performance extracts, it makes curly hair smooth or natural looking, straight hair becomes brilliant, sleek and full of shine.  Hair takes on an unbelievable form.
Directions for use:
Use on towel dried hair.  Squeeze a small amount into palm of hands and work into hair.  Proceed to blow dry for straight looks or let naturally dry for free looks.  May reapply after finished style for more shine and separation.


Illumination & Hold
Velvet is a combination of herbal complexes like Matricaria flower, Lemongrass, and Sage Leaf, that polishes the hair for a brilliant shine while sealing frayed and frizzy ends.  This unique product protects the hair cuticle while imparting illumination and a light hold.  Controls frizz without greasy waxes or oils.
Directions for use:
Use on wet or dry hair before or after styling.

Define & Shine

Light Control & Separation
Use a small amount and apply to wet or dry hair for separation, texture, and detailed definition.

Liquid to Foam

Mousse & Pomade in One
Liquid to Foam is the latest breakthrough water-soluble styling and finishing product.  It begins as a liquid and transforms into a soft styling mousse with the benefits of a pomade.  It breaks down the hard edges of a style so you can mold or texturize the hair into any of today’s fashionable looks.  It leaves the hair soft and pliable with a brilliant shine.
Directions for use:
Shake well.  Dispense a small amount into palm.  Apply to wet or dry hair.

Botanical Mist

Detangling & Conditioning Spray with Sunscreen
Formulated with botanical extracts like Aloe, Matricaria flower, and Sage.  Botanical Mist leave-in detangler and light conditioning spray adds body and shine to hair by closing the cuticle and never weighing it down.  Great for detangling children’s hair.  Also can be used as a cutting tool.
Directions for use: Shake well.  Spray a fine mist over entire head.  Gently comb through to distribute evenly for immediate detangling.

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    ~ Kimberley M.

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